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History of Doosan Vina

Sep. 2006 2006 Final approval from BOM

Nov. 2006 Investment Certificate of DOOSAN VINA Granted

Feb. 2007 Ground breaking ceremony held

April. 2007 Construction of DOOSAN VINA started

Jan. 2008 Final ridge beam installation of factory building takes place

Aug. 2008 CPE Shop operation commenced

Oct. 2008 Complete construction work of all 5 factories

April. 2009 Completes construction of the designated port

May 15, 2009 Grand Opening Ceremony Held

Dec. 2009 Construction of Employee Apartment Complex to be Completed

May. 2009 1st shipment of MHS shop

Dec. 2010 Selected as VPP localization Partner

Dec. 2010 Won Mong Duong II Power Plant

Dec. 2011 Selected as KMP manufacturer

Aug. 2012 Donated water plant to An Binh Island

Aug. 2012 Shipping 36 units of RTGC for PSA port, Singapore

May. 2013 Shipping 3 desalination unit (12,054 tons)

Jan. 2014 Shipping 10 modules of HRSG product (1,425 tons)

Feb. 2014 1st Nuclear Manufacturer In South-East Asia

Apr. 2014 Won Vinh Tan 4 Power Plant project

Jul. 2015 Won Song Hau 1 Power plant

Mar. 2016 Won 8 RTGCs & 12 RMQC Project

Mar. 2016 Shipping 2 RMQC of NSRP project to Vietnam

Nov. 2016 10th anniversary of Doosan VINA

May. 2017 Giant cargo container Crane Shipment Ceremony.