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legal notice

Personal Information Protection Policy

Doosan VINA (hereinafter call the 'Company') shall value the personal information of customers and comply with “Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc.
The Company shall notify you of the purpose and method of using the personal information that you provide and what measures are taken to protect it in accordance with Personal Information Handling Policy.
The Company shall notify you if the Personal Information Handling Policy is revised through the announcement of the Website (or individual notification)

This Policy shall take effect from August 13, 2009.
Items of Personal Information to be collected.
The Company shall collect the following items of personal information for the purpose of consultation, application of services and etc.

Items to be Collected

Name, Password, Phone Number, Email Address

How to Collect Personal Information

Collection of Personal Information and Purpose of Use
The Company shall use the collected personal information for the purposes described below.

Subscriber Management

Verification of user in using the services of the Website, Personal identification, Prevention of ill-intended or illegitimate use of services by bad subscribers, handling complaints, notification of announcements
Period of Retaining personal information and Use Period
The Company shall dispose of the personal information immediately upon completion of accomplishing the purpose of collecting and using it.
How to Dispose of Personal Information
The Company shall, in principle, dispose of the personal information immediately upon completion of accomplishing the purpose of collecting and using it. The procedure and method of disposal shall be as follows.

Disposal Procedure

The information that you enter for consultation or application of services shall be transferred, upon completion of accomplishing the intended purpose, to a separate database (or a separate document storage device or paper-based documents) for storage for a certain period in accordance with the internal regulations and relevant laws and regulations before being disposed of. The information shall not be used for purposes other than storage, unless specified otherwise by law.

    Disposal Method

  • The information shall be eliminated from database using the predetermined technical methods.

Supply of Personal Information

The Company, in principle, shall not transfer the personal information of users to any third party except,

  • - there is a prior consent from users
  • - in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or if requested by investigative institutions for purpose of investigation in a procedure and manner specified by relevant laws

Commission of Collected Personal Information

The Company shall not trust any third party with the personal information of customer without prior consent. If there is a need in the future the Company shall notify you of the commissioned works as well as trustee(s) for prior consent.
Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and How to Exercise them
Users and legal representatives may request for inquiry, modification and/or deletion of his or her own personal information of or that of a child less than 14 years of age to the manager in charge of personal information at any time, which shall be implemented immediately upon request.

The request through delivery of such intention to the manager in charge of personal information via letter, phone or email shall be immediately implemented upon receipt.
If you request to correct or modifiy of your personal information, the corresponding personal information shall not be used or provided until the intended action is completed.
In addition, if the incorrect personal information has already been released to a third party, the result of modification shall be immediately notified to the party so that the intended correction or modification is made without delay.

oo shall handle the personal information terminated or deleted based on the request of the corresponding user or legal representative in accordance with the stipulation regarding “Period of retaining and using personal information collected by oo” and shall not use or view the information for purposes other than what is originally intended for.

Installation, operation and rejection of Automatic Personal Information

The Company shall not use any device to collect personal information that may be created when using the Internet services such as ‘cookie’.

Customer Complaint regarding Personal Information

The Company has designated a manager in charge of protecting customer’s personal information and of dealing with customer complaints regarding personal information.

  1. Name of Personal Information Protection Manager: name
  2. Phone Number: 82 2 3398 1269
  3. Email: webmaster@doosan.com

You are welcome to report a complaint that might occur while using the services of the Company to the Personal Information Protection Manager or to the department in charge. The Company shall take immediate and appropriate action to deal with user complaints and/or reports.