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legal notice

Legal Notice

Use Restraint

It is taken for granted that users have read, understood and agreed to comply with all relevant laws and regulations including the Legal Notice, Terms and Condition, and Personal Information Handling Policy (regulations and guidelines stipulated within this website) in getting access to, searching and using the website of Doosan VINA (“this website”)
Those who do not agree to any part of these regulations and guidelines are encouraged not to use this website. Doosan VINA retains the right to modify or update information on this website without prior notice to the users.

No part of this website shall be allowed to be copied, duplicated, reprinted, uploaded, posted, delivered, redistributed or used for creating secondary literary properties or contents. Doosan VINA grants users a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to get access to and to use this website for personal and non-commercial purposes only. The materials downloaded without changing their content shall retain their intellectual property rights, including copyright as originally stipulated and shall not be transferred to any third party unless he or she agrees to comply with the accountabilities and responsibilities with respect to this website.
The copyright of all materials posted on this website is protected by the Copyright Act and relevant International Convention and users shall agree not to infringe on the right through illegal copying or downloading. If users fail to comply with the regulations of this website all rights granted to them shall be denied, withdrawn or cancelled without prior notice and users must immediately dispose of the downloaded materials and contents. Doosan shall not provide users with the implicit as well as explicit rights to retain patent, trademark or trade information unless otherwise specified explicitly.


Despite our best efforts, this website may contain typos or errors. Doosan VINA neither guarantees the preciseness or completeness of materials nor does it verify the reliability of opinions, comments and recommendations distributed via this website. Doosan VINA shall retain the right to correct any errors or omissions and retain the right to modify or update the information on materials, products, programs, services, prices at anytime without prior notice.

Limited Liabilities

Doosan VINA shall not be held liable for any indirect or direct losses or damages including, but not limited to, profit loss, trade suspension, loss of information, data or program in the information system that might occur with respect to using or not using the contents, materials or functions of this website as well as the other pages linked by this website, regardless of whether the possibility of incurring those losses and damages is explicitly notified or not.

About Doosan VINA

Doosan VINA is an independent corporation, just like any other corporation, under the umbrella of Doosan Group. Therefore, none of the affiliates of Doosan will be able to provide services on behalf of Doosan VINA; each company has separate legal responsibilities unless otherwise agreed upon and specified. Users shall agree that the affiliates of Doosan other than Doosan VINA shall not assume joint and several liabilities for the contents and materials of this website.