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legal notice

Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter called the “Terms and Conditions”) carefully before using this website (www.doosan.com, hereinafter called the “Website”). The Website shall be used only to deliver information provided by Doosan VINA.

Restraint of Use

Doosan VINA shall provide users with non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited rights to get access to texts, pictures, voices, files, links and source codes (hereinafter called the “Materials”) posted on the Website. Users shall view and download the Materials for private and non-commercial purposes and under no circumstances shall the rights of copies of Materials be transferred to users.

Users shall retain the notification of copyright and other intellectual property rights imposed on the copies of all Materials downloaded from the Website as it is and shall not copy, duplicate, disclose, execute, publicize them in any way. In addition, users shall not transfer the Materials to any third party without his or her consent to take full responsibilities for the consequences that might arise due to failing to comply with the relevant terms and conditions.

Users shall agree to comply with all stipulations of the Terms and Conditions on the Website, including those that may be added in the future. The copyrights of all Materials posted on the Website are protected by the Copyright Act and relevant International Conventions and users shall agree to make every effort to prevent any illegitimate copying, distribution or publication. If users fail to comply with any part of the Terms and Conditions the rights granted to users shall be automatically cancelled without prior notice and users shall be required to immediately dispose of the copies of all Materials downloaded, retained or managed by them. Doosan, unless stipulated otherwise, shall not provide users with the implicit as well as explicit rights for patent and trademark, copyright, or trade information.

Link to External Websites

Doosan VINA may provide hyperlinks to other websites and users shall be regarded as terminating the use of the Website upon clicking a hyperlink that leads to an external website. Doosan shall neither guarantee the reliability of the external websites nor shall be held accountable for any consequences that might arise with respect to the external websites and their contents.

External Link to the Website

The external link to the Website shall be required to obtain the prior approval from Doosan VINA. However, the external link may be allowed without explicit approval from Doosan VINA if the link is (1) a text-only link that contains "Doosan Group” or “Doosan” (2) leads to www.doosan-vina.com only without getting down to subpages, (3) opens the Website in a new explorer with a full view that enables a user to manipulate the page instead of opening it within a frame of an external website, (4) exists in the website that contains activities and products that are related to Doosan, that will not trigger misunderstanding that they are sponsored by Doosan and that will not tarnish the positive image of Doosan VINA or other affiliates. Doosan shall be able to cancel the permission for external links to the Website at any time, upon which owners of the corresponding external website shall immediately eliminate the external link(s) to the Website along with the use of the trademark of Doosan VINA.

Personal Information Provided to the Website

The personal identification information provided by individual users to Doosan VINA shall be protected in accordance with the relevant Personal Information Handling Policy and users shall not reveal or send confidential or proprietary information to the Website. Users shall agree that the information provided to Doosan VINA is neither confidential information nor proprietary information with exclusive rights attached to it. Users shall agree that the information or materials provided to Doosan VINA are granted unlimited license to allow copying, duplication, display, publication, transmission and distribution. Users shall not provide Doosan VINA with illegitimate, menacing, and/or obscene information, including, but not limited to, information with exclusive rights granted to others.

Rejection of Unsolicited Collection of Email Addresses

Doosan VINA shall reject unsolicited programs or other technical devices that collect email addresses posted on the Website and those individuals or organizations that infringe on this principle will be subject to criminal penalty in accordance with the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection, etc.

Laws of Local Country

Doosan VINA shall let the headquarters in Vietnam manage and operate the Website. Those who get access to and use the Website from a country other than Vietnam shall be responsible for complying with the relevant laws and regulations of the corresponding country when it comes to the third party contents and materials.


Doosan VINA shall retain the right to modify, change, add or delete all or part of the Terms and Conditions at any time based on its own justifiable reasons, which shall take effect upon notification of such change. Those users who get access to and use the Website after the notification of such change shall be regarded as having agreed to the updated Terms and Conditions. Doosan VINA shall also retain the right to terminate, suspend, change or limit access to the Website or its specific functions without prior notice and users shall be required to dispose of all materials upon termination or cancellation of rights, privileges and effectiveness of approval assigned to them.

The Terms and Conditions shall enter into effect from August 13, 2009.
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