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Today, the owners are embracing modularization more than ever. Doosan Vina is confident towards that industry to help customers shape the ways things are built. We take large construction sections of a project and bring it in the shop. Everything is aligned together and a fully functional basically facility is ready for installation at the site.

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Material Handling Equipment

Port Crane

Looking in the world’s busiest ports, you will find Doosan Vina’s cranes are busy loading and unloading cargo containers to help the commercial flow smoothly. Our turnkey cranes are designed and produced from sheet metal to finished products.

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Green Energy Equipment

Green Energy Equipment

The world market is changing. Our business focus is shifting toward eco-friendly energy solutions, especially in the offshore wind energy sector for a sustainable future and has been making the transition to that environment-oriented business.

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Power Plant

Power Plant

Being in the industry for so long, Doosan Vina's able to build up the reputation and name in the boiler products. We are a manufacturer that offers end-to-end solutions to customers worldwide.

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Desalination Equipment

Doosan Vina is engaging in innovation freshwater plant projects in the Middle East as well as in the Asia market through mualtual collaboration with Doosan Hydro Technology.

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