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Material Handling System


RMQC is the facility used to unload imported containers from ships or load the ship with containers for export. The RMQC, with its excellent performance and high reliability, is a backbone of container-dedicated pier facility and plays a critical role for the efficient operation of pier.
The Crane of Doosan VINA has adopted a variety of sophisticated devices for high speed, elevated efficiency and fault-free of RMQC while Doosan Heavy Industry sustains efforts to meet and exceed various user requirements for different container piers.


The RTGC is the facility used to transport containers from the container yard near the pier to be piled up at another destination safely.

Bulk Material Handling System
EOTC and Other Cranes

- Doosan Heavy Industry provides a variety of economic, efficient and eco-friendly Bulk Handling Systems to various plants including power plants, steel mills, cement and fertilizer factories.
- Ship Unloader
* Grab Type Ship Unloader (GTSU)
* Continuous Ship Unloader (CSU)
- Ship Loader
- Stacker & Reclaimer
- Stacker
- Reclaimer
- Car Dumper
- Conveyor System

EOTC and Other Cranes
EOTC and Other Cranes

- Electrical Overhead Gantry Crane (EOTC) and Other Cranes We provide not only container handling facilities and bulk material handling facilities but also a different range of cranes for different load requirements and special purposes with the experience of manufacturing and delivering more than 1,200 EOTCs and other cranes to steel mills, heavy machinery factories, and thermal/hydro/nuclear power plants.
In particular, the Polar Crane, which is installed within a nuclear power plant, demonstrates the level of sophistication of technology of Doosan Heavy Industry by adopting a variety of state-of-the-art technologies including an earthquake-proof design.
. Major manufacturing facilities
- Industrial EOTC
- Teeming Ladle Crane
- Hot Metal Charging Crane
- Level Luffing Crane
- Bridge Type Crane
- Various Special-purpose Crane