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L&D system Training programs

Enhancing our competency and build-up our ability for Global Biz. Operation

L&D System
Leadership Programs Functional Program
Programs include particular leadership courses that enhance both leader traits and competencies aligning with the Doosan Credo and Doosan People traits .“Comprehensively strengthen leadership” Courses provide relevant professional knowledge and skills to improve our employee’s competency “Masterly enhance professional knowledge and skills“
STEPS Program(Strategic thinking for leaders) Junior Leadership Program(Developing leadership skills) Senior Leadership Program(Leadership skills for management level) Technical Program for workers(Skills training) Technical Program for engineers(Technical knowledge and skills) Functional Program(Developing specialist in each function)
Fundamental Programs
Program consists of vital courses that provide employees with essential knowledge and skills to meet our working requirements.“Our people with competitive knowledge and skills”
Orientation Program - New employee familiarize with DOOSAN VINA working environment. Basic course - Build a working cultures in DOOSAN VINA Language program - Developing global communication skill Build up program - Essential skills to perform the job effectively Cross training - Effective communication between functions