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  1. 1. Five-day Work Week and Summer Vacation Program
    We work out five days in a week and provide summer vacation to all employees in order to promote a work-life balance, create and maintain both physical and mental health for all employees.
  2. 2. Culture and Leisure Programs

    DOOSAN VINA Festival
    We hold DOOSAN VINA Festival in every year at Company-wide or Division-wide to create a lively and pleasant working environment and to strengthen solidarity among colleagues.

    Sport and Entertainment Clubs
    We open a variety of sport and entertainment clubs for employees to join and relax after working hours.

    Family Day
    We organize the annual Family Day program to give employees’ relatives chances to understand more clearly about company’s business as well as about jobs of their children/spouse…, which aims to strengthen ties between families and the Company.
  3. 3. Housing Support
    Company provide quality dormitory with a variety of convenience facilities such as gym, football field, badminton court, volleyball court, table tennis court, billiards room, cafeteria, etc. to bring a modern and convenient living environment to our employees.
    Van Tuong Apartment
    Company supports apartment to employees and their family (spouse, children…). These apartments are equipped with a variety of convenience facilities such as gym, swimming pool, football field, mini-supermarket, screen golf, in-door golf court, table tennis court, billiards room… to make for an enjoyable residence.

  4. 4. DOOSAN Dream Kindergarten
    We run a Kindergarten for children of employees who aged from 24 months to under 6 years before pre-school to take care of our employees’ children during working hours. At school, they can enjoy nutritious meals as well as have chances to attend interesting leisure and learning activities.
  5. 5. Transportation Support
    We provide a commuter bus service for our employees and other transportation support from Company to downtown in Central province in Vietnam.
  6. 6. Cafeteria
    Company runs various cafeterias at different areas for providing Korean and Vietnamese menus for our employees most conviently.
    Cafeteria supports nutritious meals every day for our employees whose commuting from outside and staying at Dormitory/Apartment, which can help them have full energy for a whole working day.
  7. 7. Medical Services and Insurance
    We operate an in-house dispensary for health and medical emergencies with necessary medical devices & equipment and an experienced medical team. In addition, we provide an annual medical checkup service as well as accident insurance for our employees.
  8. 8. Congratulation and Condolence Program
    We provide our employees various support policies on special occasions (births, marriages, ...)
  9. 9. Others
    Furthermore, we operate a variety of convenience facilities including a breastfeeding room and rest room to promote the health and wellbeing for female employees.
    Company also provides coupon to employees on Holidays, Tet and gift on other special occasions such as Birthday, International Women's Day, Labour Day, Mid-Autumn Festival…