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2. Local Community Activities

  1. Donated RO for An Binh Island in 2012:
    In 2012, Doosan supported desalination plant to help the residents with necessary need- water. With 200 cubic meter water per day of capacity, this desalination plant significantly improved the residents' life.

  2. Scholarship program:
    Doosan Vina donates scholarship for 10 well-known universities across Vietnam and the best students who come from neighboring areas annually. Until now, 1,077 students received Doosan Vina’s scholarship.

  3. Others :
    - Besides anuual, fixed activities as above, Doosan Vina is so flexible to support the local resident when the nature disaster occurs such as: flood, drought, storm... and help the alone with various ways like renovate housing, give gilf...
    - Support local schools in giving computers, furniture, tools service for education.
    - "Lovely soup” at Quang Ngai’s hospitals is a voluntary activity held once a month at Quang Ngai's hospitals. By giving soup for patients and their family, Doosan Vina is warming many people.
    - Blood donation....