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Mr. Jeong Young Chil of Doosan Vina

Doosan Vina’s Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kim Hyo Tae has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer and General Director (CEO & GD) of Doosan Vietnam (Doosan Vina) on March 28, 2022, to take responsibility for all Doosan activities in Vietnam.

Before assuming the role of CEO & GD of Doosan Vina, Mr. Kim Hyo Tae has worked for nearly 27 years at Doosan Group. He took high positions and was knowledgeable about work related to design, production management, sales & marketing, and project management.

After taking the new positions, new CEO Kim Hyo Tae set three cores to focus on completing in 2022, including: First is to improve competitiveness through promoting individual's capacity and experience and strictly following safety principles. Second is to strengthen open & multi-way communication, eliminate distances and conflicts between superiors and subordinates. Third is to soon commercialize new businesses of offshore wind power, fuel cells, … to ensure the workload for employees.

Kim Hyo Tae
Chief Executive Officer
Doosan Enerbility Vietnam