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Doosan Enerbility Vietnam (Doosan VINA) which be applied the construction activities for the heavy industry machines, parts and equipment for the sectors of power, water procession, water treatment and other heavy industries, tool machines, robot and steel structure, tower and other equipment for wind power generation, modules, chemical process equipments and equipment for liquefied gas generating factories, material processing equipment and other equipment for cement production, environmental protection equipment, factory automation systems.

“The quality policy including objectives is to furnish the highest quality products with proper cost that meet Customer needs satisfactorily through continuous improvement for product quality system based on safety, reliability and usability in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements”

  • Quality Police was signed by General Director: appointed the Quality Director as the Management Representative who, irrespective of other responsibilities, has authority and responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of this Quality Management System are implemented and maintained, reporting to General Director, on the performance of the Quality Management System and any need for improvements, and ensuring the promotion of awareness of Customer requirements throughout the Doosan VINA.
  • QC Director is given the organizational freedom to identify quality problems, initiate actions which result in solution, and verify implementation solutions to those problems.
  • QC Director has the authority to halt the work when necessary to ensure the proper disposition of a nonconformance, deficiency, or unsatisfactory condition for the further processing is controlled.
  • All the Personnel and organizations of Doosan VINA involved in construction work shall understand, implement and maintain the requirements of this Quality Management System including the Doosan VINA quality policy.
  • General Director has the authority and responsibility to resolve any conflicts, which cannot be resolved by the QC Director such resolution shall not conflict with the Standard, Code, Quality Management System, and contract requirements.