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Doosan Enerbility Vietnam or Doosan Vina is a $300 million industrial complex, built on 100 hectares on the coast of Central Vietnam’s Quang Ngai Province. The company specializes in the manufacture of power plant equipment to light the way; cargo container cranes that drive global commerce; desalination plants to quench the thirst of millions; fired heaters, modules and steel structures for industrial projects and coming is the offshore wind power products.

In November 2006, our investment certificate was granted, and in May 2009, we held our Grand Opening. The first products were shipped in February 2009, signaling Doosan Vina’s entry onto the global stage of heavy industry!

To date, Doosan Vina has completed 398 projects, that are now hard at work in 35 countries around the world. In total, the “Made in Vietnam” equipment produced by Doosan Vina weighs in at an impressive over 580,000 tons with a total orders value of over 3 billion US dollars.

About boiler, we produced and are adding 20,000 MW of electricity to the grid of India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Indonesia and in Vietnam that is 1,200MW Mong Duong 2, 1,200MW Vinh Tan 4, 600MW Vinh Tan 4 Extension, 1,200MW Song Hau 1, 1,330MW Nghi Son 2, and Van Phong 1 1,320MW. Currently, we are working on 1,330MW Vung Ang 2 thermal power plant.

About port crane, we have been producing 105 cranes for some of the world's busiest ports like PSA in Singapore, JNPT and BMCT in India, Samarinda in Indonesia, Saudi Global Port in Saudi Arabia and in Vietnam they are Saigon New Port, the Port of Da Nang, the Port of the Nghi Son Refinery, the Gemalink port, the ports of Nam Dinh Vu, and upcoming is Chu Lai port and the BMCTPL Phase 2.

About module, we have been produced 122 modules for global customers including 39 modules for the Ruwais Refinery in UAE, 35 modules for the Sarawak Methanol Plant in Malaysia for Samsung Engineering and 26 modules for the Cariflex IR Latex Asia Phase-1 project in Singapore for DL E&C. Currently, we are producing additional 18 units for DL E&C to install at the Golden Triangle Polymers project in Taxas, USA and 04 units for Samsung C&T to install at the North Field Expansion Project EPC-2, Qatar.

About steel structure, we supplied 155,300 tons of products for the construction of thermal power plants including Mong Duong 2, Vinh Tan 4, Vinh Tan 4 Extension, Song Hau 1, Nghi Son 2, Van Phong 1 & Vung Ang 2 in Vietnam, Cochrane FGD in Chile and IHI KP2 Project Coal Bunker in Japan.

About desalination, we proudly include the UAE, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, and Bahrain as desalination customers. Our nearly 4,500 tons and as tall as a 5-storey building desalination plants can produce nearly a billion liters of water per day to satisfy the daily needs of 2.5 million people.

About fire heater, we supplied nearly 4,600 tons of fire heaters’ components for the Thai Oil Refinery and 600 tons for the Sriracha Oil Refinery in Thailand.

Also, we are entering into the offshore wind power foundation market, starting with the signing MOU with global offshore wind leader, Ørsted to develop an offshore wind foundations supply chain in Vietnam for Orsted’s projects in Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

In concert with business operations, Doosan Vina is deeply committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility program that focuses on Life, Environment and Education. We believe these are basic foundations for a stable community. We cooperated with Chung Ang University Hospital of Seoul to bring doctors to Vietnam to examine, give medicines, free heart surgery, cleft lip, cataract, gynecological diseases for nearly 31,500 local residents, donate medical equipment, and transfer technology to the local doctors. Doosan Vina also involved in a series of other CSR activities, such as giving scholarships, upgrading schools, houses and notably is the donation of a near $1 million desalination plant to the people of An Binh Island.

Along with developing its own business, Doosan Vina is also bridging other Korean FDIs to invest in Quang Ngai, improving the domestic mechanical sector by localizing operations, and transferring expertise and technology to local companies.

Our motto is “Building your tomorrow today” is the thread that is woven into the fabric of all we do, and is our commitment to our customers, employees, and Vietnam. Energy towards Sustainability, Doosan Enerbility Vietnam!