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Environment - Health - Safety policy of the Company executes environment, health and safety activities continuously and waits in front for preventing all diseases, disasters and environmental impacts can arise by enterprise management activities and complying with rules relating to EHS, regulation and requirements outside the rules.

All the Doosan Enerbility Vietnam staffs have to effort all their strength to make a working environment without accident and prevent environmental pollution, execute and improve continuously the system and program to prevent accident - safety - environment, pay attention to adjusting, checking activities, and supervise positively to prevent diseases, disasters and environmental pollution at the working area of each staff.

In order to achieve this point, the company needs to:

1. Effort to reduce damages on property caused by accident, disease and disaster of the staffs that may arise in the trading and manufacturing activities of the company continuously through effective and advanced technology.

2. Be effective communication media and provide educational opportunity, inform matters on EHS’ health improvement, safety – heath policy for all staffs of subcontractors.

3. Together enhance awareness by providing professional knowledge and essential EHS information when related agencies and people request

4. Set up the object for applying the Environment - Health – Safety policy into practice and periodically evaluate, continuously confirm the policy of preventing disease, disaster and environment impact whether have executed and maintained successfully or not.